K9 Unit Attachment’09

Li Jia, Chin Kang and I went for an interview for the K9 attachment, and apparently I got the chance to go for it. On the 8th of December 2009, I went for the K9 attachment that all of us had to go through an interview for.  It was at Yew Tee.  There were about 6 of us that were chosen.  We were introduced to our trainers then had a small opening ceremony and we proceed to get our dogs for the attachment.

We went to the pounds and choose our dogs, I took a Labrador and its name is Aibo.

We learnt how to groom the dog by combing its hair and cleaning it. We brought it for a walk. It was a first time experience for me as I don’t have a dog as my pet. I learnt that dogs do have characters. And it’s our responsibility to clean up after the dog, take care of the dog, and to even clean its kennel. After our lunch, we went around cleaning the area where the dogs run and play. It was hard work, as there were faeces everywhere we go. After cleaning up, we took our dogs out to play and we were taught how to play catch.

Aibo kept urinating everywhere we went. We played catch and it was rather scary having to take the ball out of the mouth, because if we weren’t careful it may bite. After a while I realized it wasn’t very hard but at times of course the dog wouldn’t want to let go. We were brought on a tour at the Tuas check point where the dogs are working. They even gave us a demonstration on how the dogs actually do their “jobs”.

We also learnt how to wash their kennel, it was a tiring job but to have to clean the kennel of your pet dog would be great. We were also allowed to bathe the dogs. We will put them in the sink area which is pretty big, so it can fit the dogs. We soaped them and rinsed them.

On the last day, 10th of December 2009, we were allowed to take photos and play with the dogs for the last time. I was reluctant to leave, the dogs were just adorable and I feel attached to it. So we spent more time with the dog before we left.

For this attachment, it was whole new experience for me, how the K9 unit works and how they train their dogs to “work”. I do hope to go back there again, oh and not to forget, I made new friends there, and it’s always great to know people from other schools.

SGT (NPCC) Tiffany Tan