ATC’09 Experience

ATC was one of the most fun camps I’ve ever been through. We gathered at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School (KCPSS). On the 12th of December at around 7am. We joked around, waiting for everyone else. Once everyone was there and every single admin matter was settled, we set out for Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

We were the two last schools to reach. We then set sail for Pula Ubin and walked to NPCC campsite. The walk was a real test of endurance. Even though, in truth, my limbs were worn out, my mind kept pushing me on. When we reached the campsite, Ms Mak told us our “families” (our groups) for the camp. We then went to sit down with the rest of our groups. We then broke off, and had three main events done by the groups.

My group had team bounding games with groups 7 and 9. We then came up with the name Twister as our group name. After that, we had lunch. Lunch was interesting. We were told to eat in pairs (because of the mess tins). I was having my lunch with my fellow Area 4 mate, Kasthuri. After lunch, we had time to climb the rock wall (which was super fun), the maze in the dark room and low rope elements.

Unfortunately, our group didn’t have time to do low rope elements. Lightening, Twister and Group 9 then went to change for Kayaking. It was much tougher this time, as we used double-seated Kayaks. It was indeed challenging. Someone, even accidentally scooped a fish (a Jurong) into my Kayak. It was really very fun.

We then had some time for wash-up. Camp Familiarisation was interesting. We learnt different names for different things and their uses, past uses. Our CI, Chuan Sin Sir, was really funny. He told us that some toilets were not used anymore as wild boars used them. Our group broke into giggles and smiles. We then had dinner. After that, we had ice-breaker games. It was all really fun and I finally was able to remember every single name of my group mates.

For me, it was a bit hard to memorise all the names as most of them were either, Chinese or Malay names. After, we had Sing-A-Long. It was super fun. Also, our best campers male and female were identified during this activity, even though none of us knew till later. After a very fun Sing-A-Long, was de-brief. We then had free time before lights out.

One of the most disorganised times during the camp was when we had to split the canteen into 2, one side for the guys, and another side for the girls to sleep. Many of the girls were cramped and didn’t have much space. After lights out, most of us slept like rocks till 5.45am. We started the next day with PT. It was unbelievably, quite enjoyable. In the end, we did “only 7” push-ups, or at least in the end, we counted up to only 7 then started again. It was all pretty fun. We then had a nice and long breakfast, and then had some camp-craft training.

We then had our last meal at the camp then had a mini inter-group, camp-craft competition. In the end, all groups were proclaimed the winner. We then had mass cleaning then proceed to Noordin campsite for prize presentation and final de-brief. We then broke camp.

From this whole experience, I have learnt a few things that I will always remember. Firstly, our minds have the power and ability to control our body, and not the other way around. As long as you think that it’s worthless and give in to the fatigue of one’s limbs, that is when it is quite hopeless. However, if you continue to tell yourself that you can do it at whatever cost, you’ll be able to succeed.

Secondly, it doesn’t matter which unit or area we come from, NPCC is still one big “family” that’ll stick together in whatever situation we’re thrown in. Lastly, I learnt that everyone has different perception of the experiences. Just because one of our seniors says something about a certain camp, doesn’t mean that that certain camp is definitely going to be that horrible or that fun.

Kirsten Ong 2E4

On the first day, we met in Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School(KCPSS). Soon, other NPCC cadets also arrived. Ms Chen passed the dowel poles to the secondary 2 squad. We then passed it around. BPSS and KCPSS rode the bus to the jetty. We were then splitted up to ride the boat to Pulau Ubin. It took about 10 minutes to arrive there. After arriving at Pulau Ubin, we then walked to the camp.

Although we were tired, we managed to get to the camp. After splitting up with the Sec 3 squad, all of the Sec 2s had to walk more to our camp. We were the second last to reach to the camp. All of us were splitted up into groups. I was in Group 7. I met Vanessa and Dinie. We also met our group’s insructor. We were told to place our bags at the back of the canteen neatly. We then did some teambuilding games with group 8 and 9.

One of the games was called ‘Monster’. We will be told to put only 10 hands and 10 legs. That was when the game started. The next game was ‘Guess What’. It is kind of like a charade. However, our group was the last to finish. We had to do a forfeit by writing words with our butts. We then did some low rope obstacles.

Our group managed to do the maze and rockwall. From the maze experience, I have learnt that we should never let go of our group members in order to get out of the maze together. After that, we went for Kayaking. After one hour of Kayaking, we did some cleaning of the kayaks. We then went to wash up.

After all of this, we went to have dinner. After eating, we did some icebreakers. We had to introduce ourselves with our new group members. We had to say our names, which school we came from and our hobbies.  After that, we did some sing-a-long. It was a nice experience. We then talked with our instructor and reflected with him about what we did during the whole day. At about midnight, all of us went to sleep.

On the second day, we got ready by 6. We did some morning PT. Right after that, we had some breakfast. We did some lashings on our dowel poles. 3 out of the 18 members in our group are participating in the campcraft competition. Then we had a mini competition. We had to build gadgets that won’t fall or break apart after a certain amount of impact.

After that, we had a drinking competition. All of the members had to help finish a 1 litre bottle. After that, we had lunch. We then placed our bags on the field. Our group had to clean the canteen. We then went to the other camp where the sec 3s were to know who is the best camper and best group. I then quickly took out a pen and paper to ask all of the members to write their phone numbers and email.

After seeing the flag pulled down, all of us had to say goodbye. It was definitely a fun ATC although it was only 2 days 1 night. I have learnt a lot of lessons during the camp and I will definitely include this during my NPCC trainings.

Ayu 2E4

I learnt to work as a team with members that I am new with. Teamwork, trust and communication are very important in creating a great camp. During the ATC camp, we played challenging activities. The only ways to overcome the challenges are by teamwork and communication with one another instead of going separate ways.

 I learnt the real values of “One for All, All for One”. For example, one of the games are, the dark maze, whereby we were put within a dark room and have to find our way out without using any torchlight. We did it by holding hands with one another and walk slowly. We also have to communicate to which way to go and which is the correct way. Everyone had a chance to lead.

Another game would be a game that requires us to be blind-folded. We were led around blind-folded by the Officers. The Officers moved us around by using noises to attract us. And to me, I enjoyed playing being blind-folded, as well as gadget making and the water drinking competition, because all of these require teamwork, trust and communication. Even we did get punished; we get punished as a team.

Though it was just a Two Days One Night Camp, we still had much fun. When my group was playing the dark maze, the girls in my group spend lots of time in finding the exit and thus resulting in we cannot play the rock climbing game. After that, we had lunch, after lunch is kayaking time.

For the Kayaking, it was a One Star Course and we used double-seated Kayaks. After that, we had teambuilding games. We also had camp familiarisation. It is to show us about the camp. After that, we had dinner.

After dinner, we had sing-along and it was quite funny and I enjoyed that. And then we played games again and followed by wash-up and lights out. The next day, we had Physical Training.

After that, we had breakfast. After breakfast, we had a bit of practice in lashing. We had lunch next, followed by the gadget making competition. Although its not very well done, at least we put in our best effort.

We got dismissed, and while waiting for our bus to pick us up, Joseph Sir wanted us to go and pick litters on the field. We pick the litters and had some jokes among ourselves. We truly enjoyed ourselves. Most of all, I learnt that during the camp, I am not alone. We are a team. The punishment was quite harsh, but also was to test our physical fitness. And I learnt that in life, we should all look at things on the bright side.

Tan Si Yi Felicia 2A1

 Adventure Training Camp (ATC) was a real adventure as we explored the whole campsite in our own individual groups. It was also a challenge for us to bond with our new group members within a short period of time. But to make our bonding sessions a whole lot easier we played games such as icebreaker, broken telephone, dog and bone and even had to go through a dark room with no light and find our way out, known as the dark maze.

We have our meals together as a group to know each other better. We had obstacles that were challenging. On our first day, we went kayaking, then went to the Mitch, rock-climbing and then played more bonding games.

On our second day, we had our morning PT, area cleaning, and went for prize giving and then had dismissal. For those who missed ATC have no idea what it is like. But for those who came, ATC was great fun.

Ravethi D/O Jeyakumar 2E3