5D4N Overseas Educational visit to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Monday – 26th October 2009.

The day started like any other school day. I had 1 bag (backpack) of clothes, 1 sling bag (day pack) and my uniform things (uniform cover and shoe bag) to carry. It was a bit troublesome, but was a great challenge. My mum was going to drive me to Home Team Academy. The ride to Home Team Academy (HTA) was a bit nerve wrecking, as I kept on thinking that we would be late. In the end, we reached HTA in the nick of time. I then walked over to where everyone else was after biding my mum goodbye.

I saw this girl standing there and decided to talk to her. Her name was Yi Shin (Macpherson Secondary School) We talked for a while and got to know each other. Then we were told to line up in 2s. We walked over to car park H and fell-in. We were then given our passports. We were then told that Areas 1-10 would be in Bus A, and Areas 11-20 would be in bus B. It turned out that Yi Shin was in bus B. However, the girl in front of her was in bus A. After some admin work was done, we proceeded to the buses. Jessica (the girl I was sitting with), a few other girls and myself, went back to help carry some stuff (water bottles and souvenirs for the Malaysians) after putting our baggage down. We then had a group photo and went back to the bus. There was a girl in front of us who borrowed a pen from me. Her name was Hany (Serangoon Garden Secondary School – area 6). We then set out for the causeway.

When we reached the Singapore checkpoint, Jessica and I got off with our passports. We used the machine thing. She had some problem with it, so had to go to the customs officer. We then went to the Malaysia checkpoint. We took all our stuff and went through. They were suppose to scan our bags, but after a few people, they didn’t scan it anymore (probably ‘because the line was getting very long and there were other people there as well). We then went into the Malaysian bus A. It was so roomy and comfortable compared to the Singapore bus (: The CIs(Benjamin sir – area 16 and Soon Hui sir – area 10), Teacher officer of Queens-town secondary school (Mr Chung) and Mr Bala sat in the front of the bus. The rest of us sat behind them. In the two seats in front of Jessica and myself were Aqilah (Zhong Hua Secondary School – area 5) and Afiqah (Bowen Secondary School – area 6); while behind us were Syafiqah and Hany. Next to us was a guy… I think his name was Kush (Greendale Secondary School – area 7).

Our tour guide’s name was Paul Ng. The 5 day 4 night journey started. The travelling time to Kuala Lumpur was really boring. We stopped at this food place for “breakfast”. Jessica and I just sat down at a table and didn’t buy any food. Hany (we didn’t know her name then) came to sit next to us. We asked her for her name. Then, we became friends. Well, soon the break was over then we went back to the bus. The ride was so boring and quiet; Jessica and I went to sleep. We stopped at a place to change into full-u. The Girls that changed in the cubicles were so slow that half of us just changed in the toilet, not the cubicles. For once in my whole entire NPCC life, the guys changed faster than the girls. We then reached the Malacca Central Police Headquarters. We went to their Multi-purpose hall. A lot of people were in awe at the sight of the Multi purpose hall. We sat down. Jessica and I sat with some bus B people. Ok, there were like 3 bus A people (excluding ourselves). We were then screened some videos then were given lunch. There was chilli chicken, Coconut vegetable and other interesting food. We were all screened some more videos, then had a tour of the place. Had a “family” photo (group photo), then proceeded to change (change to half-U).

Once again, the girls in the cubicles of the toilets took so long that half of us changed outside of the cubicles, but in the toilet. We all then went back to the bus. The guys were already there waiting for us. We then had a tour of the city (Malacca). Visited places such as, the A Farmosa, Christchurch, St Paul Hill, St Xavier church and the Studhuy. Was really fun. Saw this big ship, the tour guide said that it was some Portuguese war ship that was used to invade Malacca or something like that. We took another “family” photo there. In St Xavier Church (I think) there were 2 men singing songs. In my opinion, we all had loads of fun sight seeing. There were many people around trying to sell things to tourist around. After we saw all there was to see, we went back to the bus. The bus then set out for Kuala Lumpur. Reached some place for dinner. Went to the restaurant and sat down at this table with space. There was only 1 guy sitting at the table, the Sea Unit guy (I think his name was Nigel).

There was a wide variety of food there (Chinese restaurant). The tour guide kept on coming to our table telling us to eat more. In the end, I finished all the vegetable. After dinner, we proceeded to the hotel. We then went into some premier Lounge thing. Was debriefed and wrote reflection. We were then given our room keys. There was like a mess up with my room keys. I was a bit confused because my name was not pronounced properly (as usual) Went up with my roommate, Huai Miao (Orchid Park Secondary School – area 2) or HM as I call her. Our room number was 808. Jessica was with Jasmine (the girl I met at the briefing) in room 809. We then went down later for some cheers and songs thing (because the next day we had cadet interaction thing.) The practice was very fun and benefitted us all. We were all beginning to bond.


What I felt. I felt that actually, many of us had made new friends, considering the fact that we were able to talk to people we didn’t know before the trip. Many people were forced out of their comfort zones. The visit to the Police Headquarters I feel was enriching. What would have made it more fun would have been if there were more than just videos. Many of us were a bit bored during the videos. Overall, the first day was extremely fun and you would definitely have agreed with me if you were there.

Tuesday – 27th October 2009.

The morning call was at 6.30am. It was freezing cold when we woke up. While one of us went to the toilet to wash up, the other would be hiding under the blanket as we were frozen to our toes. HM and I then went over to J&J (Jessica and Jasmine)’s room. We waited for them to get ready, and then went down for breakfast. Had eaten some sort of rice. I think it was fried rice…. Had guava juice I think. Then, after breakfast, went up to change to Full-U. I changed in the toilet, while HM changed in the room. The toilet floor was so cold!

Gather stuff together and went down with day pack and uniform things to change later. After everyone had arrived, we were then dispatched for the bus. Hany and Syafiqah suddenly changed place and sat at our place behind Aqilah and Afiqah. So, Jessica and I sat at their seat. The guys who were sitting behind us were Kush and Yazid next to us was Khairulnisa (Nisa). Headed to Putrajaya Police Head Quarters where we had our second breakfast (or tea). After that, we had a tour of the place, then headed to the Marine part. We had this boat ride of a lake. Was super fun thanks to our boat driver, Dzul. Hany sat next to me (on my left) while Kian Woon (Catholic High School – area 4) sat on my right. There was like this bump that made the whole seat (the seat was just a plank that was suspended) fly up. The boat accommodated 10 people (including the driver). It was really, really fun. Jessica was in another boat.

When the ride was over, most of us anyway, our hair was like messed up. After everyone had their ride, we all then had lunch at the Police HQ. Then went to the….can’t remember the name of the school. We had to wait as they were having their exams. We went to their hall which was in the first floor. The girls sat at the left of the hall while the guys sat at the right of the hall. Had another video to watch, then Soon Hui Sir gave this talk thing. It basically told the Malaysian cadets what we do in Singapore in NPCC. Then, Bus A was sabotaged and had to go and do the cheers on stage. Did the boogie dance and… Gagu the Frog. It was quite embarrassing. We had another “family” photo. Then, we followed the cadets to the canteen for refreshments (or as we called it, our second lunch). There was bee hoon (that was really hot) and tea. The benches were like super hard to go into. They were like very broad width wise (it was around 3 times wider than our school canteen benches).

It was a very hard task to sit. In the end, we succeeded. After we had eaten, we started talking to the cadets. I kind of like singled out a cadet (still can’t forget her face. She’s suppose to add me on facebook, but she hasn’t). We then had a tour of the school. They called their school small. In actual fact, it was HUGE. Their library was like someone’s house. Their field was like…. wow… After the tour, we “taught” the Malaysian Cadets Gagu the Frog. Was like super fun. We went to the bus to get our civilians. The guys got to change in the bus. The girls went to the toilet to change. Many of us changed into Mufti. Jessica forgot to bring her shirt to the toilet, so she just waited for us. After Hany had finished changing, we went back to the bus.

Then, Jessica had to change in the bus; was really awkward, considering there were guys sitting behind us. She got me to hold uniform covers up for her. What she did was to put on her Unit-T with her Blouse still on, then to …pull in her hands and slowly unbutton then take out the blouse inside (?) Sorry, very hard to explain.  We then left for shopping. During shopping, Hany, Jessica and I went together. First stop was the toilet. Then, we tried to locate Giant Hyper market. We found Aunty Anne’s (the pretzel place) and bought pretzels. Then, we got seriously lost for a while. Eventually, we finally found Giant. We then went straight to the Chocolate section.

We started choosing chocolate. We then saw Mr Chung, Benjamin sir, Elias Wee (Anglo Chinese Independent) and Yi Zhong (Catholic High School – area 4) After we were done, we started walking randomly around. When the time was up, we all assembled at the allocated spot. When everyone was there, we then walked to the restaurant we were going to have dinner at. We had dinner. Then, we went to the bus, then back to the hotel. I think we went back to our rooms for a while before coming down for debrief and reflection. I went to my room and found out that my skirt (NPCC skirt) was ripped. So, I changed to shorts and brought my skirt down with me during the reflection and debrief. The debriefing was kind of fun. Elias (bus B) said something that impressed almost everyone that they all cheered “the next president of Singapore.” after he had finished talking. We then started writing our reflection. After we were done, we were talked to. Then after wards, I went to the HO and showed and told her about my skirt. It turned out that I wasn’t the only one who tore my skirt, Aqilah also tore hers… We went up to a Ma’am’s  room which she shared with Nisa.

Jessica was with me. It was really fun talking to the HO. I felt like I was talking to a good friend discussing problems. She helped me patch the hole in my skirt because I’m lousy with my hands and needles. After she was done, we bided her good night and then went 1 level down to go to our own rooms. Found out that some girls had trouble with their door (won’t open) so, I went to Soon Hui sir’s room to tell him. Then went to iron uniform (after banging madly at room door because I thought HM was in there) after ironing our uniforms, HM and I went back to our rooms. We then started talked for like very long while polishing our boots. I soon realised that it is so much easier to polish the old boots compared to the new boots. After we had everything prepared, we washed up then turned in.


Well, I felt today was quite refreshing. Reaching out to others who weren’t Singaporeans was really fun; shared knowledge. To me, that was the most important, as when in times of crisis, we must be able to come together as 1 and conquer all problems regardless which race, religion or country we come from. Without theses friendships, there may be wars in the future. They are the future generation, so are we. If we get to understand each other now, the possibility of us getting into wars later would be much slimmer. It is also good to understand and experience other cultures. It was very good exposure.

Wednesday – 28th October 2009.

Wake up call was at 6am today. Washed up then went to J&J’s room and then went down together. Had breakfast, and then set out for Pulapol Latihan Polis Kuala Lumpur. When we reached, we were then led into a meeting room looking place. There was then a presentation. After the presentation, we were then escorted to the field where we watched a demonstration of what their cadets were taught there. It was really fun and nice to watch, especially the K9 demonstration. Personally, I feel that the part of the demo which shows people disarming others with knives and sticks wasn’t exactly going prepare them for any real danger, as you can see that the people “attacking” the trainees actually pauses and wait for the cadet to arm lock them.

We were then given more food. The next stop was a to a police museum thing. We were then fed more food. After that, we were brought into a room then watched a video. We were then broken into two groups (bus A and B) and had a tour of the place. We were shown the history of the Malaysian police and how their police force grew. Before we left the place, we took another “family” photo. We were then brought back to the hotel to change into civilians. After that, we set out for lunch. We tried to eat as much as we could so that not much food was wasted.

We could see many people enjoying the new friendship that they had made. After that, we then went for shopping. We walked around the complex. Some people even went to watch movies. We went for dinner. A lot of people needed to go to the toilet when we arrived at the place for dinner. Jessica had stomach ache, so, I got some food for her first. At our table, there were like 2 groups, 1 was the guys on the right with Hany, the other was Jessica, HM, Nisa, Shaheed (Bedok South Secondary School – area 10) and I. I was like disturbing Shaheed. He’s from bus B, so we didn’t really have time to socialise much. It was like very funny. Then after dinner, walked back to hotel and had debrief, reflection, then free time.


I feel that today, there was an improvement in everyone’s behaviour and attitude. We were more inquisitive at the talks, and bonded well. I feel that everyone had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Izwan sir (bus B – area 5) had fallen sick. Today was a fun day.

Thursday – 29th October 2009.
Wake up call was at 6am again. Had breakfast, ate rice again. However, today, Jasmine had fever. Due to the outbreak of illnesses in bus B, everyone had to wear facemasks.  Our first stop was the Maktab Forensic lab. We first had a talk, and then proceeded to a room for morning tea. Then, we were given a tour of the place. Unfortunately, we were forbidden to talk about what they had shown us as it was Private and Confidential. We were then given lunch.

After that, we were actually suppose to visit the Anti Riot Unit. However, their Superintendant wasn’t around, so instead of that, we went back to the hotel and changed. We then had lunch again I think, and then went for shopping again. I was really getting very sick of shopping by now. After that, we set out for this place where we had our dinner. The sight was breathtaking. We had Indian food for dinner. We then set out for the hotel.

During the journey to and fro, we all started talking and joking around. We returned to the hotel and did our reflection. Since it was the last night, there was a small party thing. So, I then went down for the party at the Premier lounge with HM and Jessica after we had put our stuff upstairs. Once we had arrived, Shaheed started disturbing me. After a while, I felt weird, and took the key from my roommate and went up to bed first. I had slept with the room door unlocked as there was only 1 key, and if I locked it, HM would have no way of entering. Anyway, half the area there was our own people. I did a bit of reading, then went to sleep. In the morning I got scolding from HM for leaving the door unlocked for her.


I feel that today, many people were trying to make it last as it was the second last day of the trip. Many people interacted with each other happily.

Friday – 30th October 2009.
Wake up call was at 6.30am today. Next door couldn’t wake up I think as their phone kept on ringing. Heard that the party dragged on till way after midnight, it was said everyone finally left the Premier lounge at 1.30am I think. Got HM up, after which I went down for breakfast with Jessica, Jasmine and HM. Ate Nasi Lemak, well, sort of. I then started collecting contact details from people. After we were done eating we went back up and did some last minute packing. I actually finished quite fast cause I did a lot of packing the previous night. Then, Jessica and Jasmine came knocking.

They were done before us which was sort of a surprise. I did very random things waiting for HM to finish packing. I even took all my empty water bottles, and put them in like a triangle on the table and put a note asking them to recycle. Once we were done, we started heading towards the lift lobby. Some guys also arrived. The next few lifts were filled with people, so we had to wait and wait and wait. Finally, there was an empty lift, and we piled inside. We then walked over to the lounge thing and sat down. Many people were already there. They then gave us our passports to keep before we went to the bus. We then set out for the Baba Nonya museum thing. Was like really enriching.

We then had lunch; a traditional Baba Nonya lunch. After lunch was over, we set out to Malacca and to the shopping mall place thing… we like had 30 min to walk around, go toilet and last minute shopping. I was with Nisa, Jessica and Hany. It so happened that I was the one that was freaking out because of the time. I was the most time conscious of the four-o. In the end, we made it back on time. We then went to the Royal Selangor and had a tour. Saw many interesting things. We then set out for well, Singapore. Like the journey to, going back was just as boring. Hany and I tried talking to stay away, but in the end we both slept. We then stopped at the same place we did when we were coming here. Went toilet, bought waffle, after which we went back to bus.

The bus was really awake after the break. Soon, we were reaching the causeway. We then reached the Malaysia Checkpoint, went out with passport only, went through customs. I then took out my phone. And found a flood of smses, including my results. I was feeling really happy. There was then confusion cause of Games Day the following day. We were going through customs, and some of the guys were caught for bringing over (I think) pirated CDs. We then went back to the bus. Everyone was a bit sad, because we were probably never going to see each other much.  When we reached HTA, got our bags and fell-in. We then had finally debrief. After that, we were dismissed. Many people were sad. But many were also happy that they were returning home.


All in all, I feel that the trip was amazingly enriching and recommend anyone who has the opportunity to go for it. It made me new friends and opened my mind to the different cultures in the world. No matter what we are called, NPCC or PPC, we are all still the same and are like 1 big family, just like all of us that went for the trip.

CPL (NPCC) Kirsten Ong