Ouevre VI Fancy Drill Team 2012

Dear all,

The following cadets have been selected to be part of BPSNPCC OuevreVI fancy drill team 2012.

18th Batch
1 Muhammad Hafiz B Mohamed
2 Jonathan Koh Wen Long
3 Ngo Jit Wee Ramirez
19th Batch
1 Annabelle Ong Li Min
2 Hadaitul Husna Bte Abdul Razak
3 Diyanah Hawa Bte Abu Bakar
4 Ariel Goh Shi Yeen
5 Chelsea Tan Si Tong
20th Batch
1 Cheryl Ang Ding
2 Ng Min Hui Jamie
3 Janelle Ho Xuan Hui
4 Adli Adam Bin Abu Bakar


Congratulations to all selected cadets!

With regards,
Teacher Officers & Instructors
Bishan Park Secondary School
Area 4


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