Sharing of our OBS Camp Learning Experiences

Dear all,

SGT (NPCC) Sim Chun Han and I are honoured to be nominated by the unit to attend a 5days and 4nights OBS Camp during the November Holiday period dated 8th Nov – 12th Nov 2011.

OBS stands for Outwards Bounds Singapore where we get to experience many outdoor survivor skills such as field cooking, tent-pitching and kayaking etc. No doubt it was tiring and mental draining, we still managed to complete this camp successfully and learn the maximum of what we can out of it.

Hence, this OBS Camp article written by both of us to share with the unit our fruitful and enjoyable camping experiences.

Please click on the link  to learn about our experiences with OBS and hope that it could inspire and trigger you to sign up for any subsequent Outdoor Camping opportunities.

Our OBS Experiences

SGT (NPCC) Pang Yong Kai
Bishan Park Secondary School
Area 04


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