And before we know it, a new chapter begins…

Dear Unit,

Welcome back in 2011!

We ended 2010 on a high note as we came together for our Annual Camp.
It was a major success and once again, I would like to acknowledge the
efforts of the CIs, HOs and 16th batch Cadet Leaders. Good job, guys!

There is never a dull moment in BPSNPCC and this year will be no
exception. 2011 will be yet another exciting year for us in BPSNPCC.
Besides the usual camps, visits, courses, shoots and weekly parades,
one of the major highlights in 2011 is a unit overseas service
learning trip! This is an overseas trip that is exclusive to BPSNPCC
cadets so keep a lookout for it when the details are released!

Let’s start the year right by coming for the first weekly parade in
2011 punctually, in the right attire and having a positive attitude on
14th January 2011.

It’s going to be a fabulous year for BPSNPCC in 2011. Get ready for
the ride of your life!

See you in Unit!

Together with you,
Bernice Chen
OC Unit


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