Kit-List for Area 4 LMSC [Only for Sec3s Cadets]

1)  Identification Card

2) 1.5L Water Bottle (filled with water and label the bottle)

[Cadets are to carry this along with them for all activities]

3) Writing materials

4) Twine (Grade 5)*

5) 2 Dowel Poles*

6) $3 for Day 3 Meal*

8 ) Thermometer (for taking of temperature)

7) Personal Medication

[Cadets with asthma are to bring inhaler with them at all times]

 Attire (For all 3 days of the course)

– Full Uniform

– PT Kit:  School T-shirt / Unit T-shirt (Optional to bring 1 extra clothing)

           :   Black Track Pants

           :   Canvas Shoe / Track Shoe (School approved shoe)

– Spectacle hooks/ band (Compulsory for cadets wearing spectacles)

–  Hair accessories (Black only)

** Strictly NO ankle socks (For safety reasons)


* Items indicated are to be brought on Day 1 of course and will be collected by Squad Instructors.

Cadets are not supposed to bring the following item:

– Food (lunch will be provided)

– Personal entertainment (MP3 players, game consoles, card games, etc.)

P.S: All cadets are advised to follow strictly to the Kit List. Cadets will bear their own responsibilities should they bring things that are not listed in the kit list.